The Wrath and the Dawn

A One Paragraph Book Review

ThewrathandthedawnI get excited about books, sometimes I get REALLY excited, and Renée Ahdieh’s The Wrath and the Dawn was one of those REALLY exciting books. Until I read it (or really, didn’t read it, I couldn’t finish the whole thing). Maybe it’s my own fault; I came in with high hopes of complex characters and conflicting emotions, as a girl destined to die in the morning, not only survives her death sentence, but falls in love with her would-be executioner. But, I just… sigh. If two people are going to fall in love, and I’m expected to care about it, this affection has to have a basis beyond one of them having “kind, velvet brown eyes of soft, chocolate kindness” or some similar nonsense; if you’re looking for a fun weekend read, I’d skip this one.


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