Jude the Obscure

*A One Paragraph Book Review

JudetheObscureWhen I outlined the rules for the One Paragraph Book Reviews, I said I would stick to books I’d read within the last year. Unless they were great…or terrible (I’ll let you figure out which side this book falls on). This book was as good as one might expect from a novel that opens with a boy (Jude) being tricked into marrying a pretty country girl when she pretends to be pregnant (because that’s always the best way to start a relationship), and closes with Jude’s (probably) son murdering his half siblings and then killing himself. We’re not even going to mention the weird “not-marriage” of Jude to his second cousin (because five sentences is not NEARLY enough to touch on that subject). If you think that all of this weirdness would result in a halfway interesting plot (or at least the occasional scene), you would be wrong.

*Go here to learn more about One Paragraph Book Reviews.


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