The Blinder

In the black of the arctic winter, there is a race.


It is a race against time and cold and hunger. A race against the North, and she doesn’t care who wins. If anyone wins.

For those who survive the savage conditions and the even more savage competitors, there lies a prize in the form of a creature so rare and valuable as to turn any rider’s fortune: the winged stag, the Peryton. To Nadya, this creature means the chance to restore her home and heritage, to rebuild what was decimated by poachers and usurpers. For Dom, it means the funds for the surgery to repair his injured leg, a last opportunity before he’s reduced to life as a cripple. For Finn—well, anything is better than being at home subjected to another lecture on what a disappointing son he’s turned out to be.

Against one another and then alongside, the three discover a brutal truth: they can’t all win the Blinder but, alone, they can definitely all die.

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