One Paragraph Book Recs

Happy Tuesday, book fans!

After a (not-so) brief hiatus while the world put itself back together, I’m excited to announce the re-launch of the monthly “One Paragraph Book Recommendations.”

Wait, wait, you might be thinking, didn’t those used to be *checks notes* book reviews? Weekly, book reviews?

Well, yes. But after spending the pandemic reading a ridiculous amount of books (what else was there to do, really?) I came to the realization that I would rather spend time recommending my favorite reads, rather than expounding on things I didn’t like. The decrease of posts from weekly to monthly is purely logistical: life has gotten busy, and I don’t have the same amount of time I used to have (it’s marching band season for the boys again, and the girl has started tumbling class). However, this means the books that make the cut are only the ones I’m really excited about! (Only the best for you, guys.) The old reviews will remain up for now, but all new posts will feature titles I would want on my own shelves.

As always, I would love your recommendations for titles to feature!

Happy reading!

– E

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